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Japanese Acupuncture

If You’re Looking for Japanese Acupuncture, Berkeley Heights, NJ Is the Place

Acupuncture is a time-honored practice, a holistic approach to healing and safeguarding the body that reduces and in many cases preempts the need for pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other forms of Western medical intervention. Here at DeFabio Chiropractic Spine & Sports Rehab, we believe wholeheartedly in treating pain, healing injury and restoring the body’s natural state of balance in the lowest-impact manner possible. That’s exactly what we offer when you come to our clinic.

Acupuncture is predicated on stimulating your 2,000-plus acupuncture points. These are places where your bodily energy flows through and intersects, each point correlating with other organs or systems throughout your body. When a small needle is inserted at these points, it stimulates the affected system, promoting your body’s natural relaxation, healing and pain reduction responses.

japanese acupuncture from your chiropractor in berkeley heights, NJ

When you’re looking for Japanese acupuncture, Berkeley Heights NJ offers you a knowledgeable, reputable, and noninvasive option in the form of our clinic. Our licensed acupuncturist, Amanda DeFabio Occhipinti provides expert treatments to help heal and align your spine, support your bodily systems and maximize your body’s healing potential. Don’t hesitate to get the help and care you need today.

How Is Japanese Acupuncture Different from Chinese Acupuncture?

Here at DeFabio Chiropractic Spine & Sports Rehab, we rely on the Japanese acupuncture style for gentle, noninvasive and effective results. As compared to Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture uses smaller needles inserted at a shallower depth. Typically, we do not use herbs in conjunction with treatment as in Chinese acupuncture but can recommend them if necessary.

The method of insertion also differs. In Japanese acupuncture, the body may be warmed beforehand by burning cones of Moxa over the insertion points, after which we will gently massage the area to reduce the sensation that occurs when the needle goes in. Once in, we do not move the needle around much, as they do in Chinese acupuncture, which makes the whole treatment more gentle overall.

Why Should You Consider Acupuncture for Athletes?

Acupuncture for athletes is gaining increasing traction as a way to enhance athletic performance, speed up recovery time, prevent injury and offer relief from the pain of injuries that do occur. Because the practice works to align systems, your body is less likely to suffer an injury or feel pain due to tissues that are out of place or areas of the body functioning at less than peak potential. Acupuncture for athletes also promotes energy balance, decreases stress, increase restfulness at night and readies you for long days of pushing your limit.

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